Saturday, November 21, 2009

Write Your daily Prayers

Prayers are the strongest medium to talk to your god. I am a Hindu,and the first prayer that i learned was "Gayatri Mantra". Though i didn't knew the exact meaning that time yet days were filled with happiness but as years grew i lost this communication.Today i want to re-establish this connection with him by remembering him most of the times and writing my prayers every day.
None of my prayers were unanswered,though some took time and some got delayed. Over a period of time i have relaized,its enough i have asked its now time to give him something. Now the only thing i offer to my lord is " THANK YOU".

This was a great healing exersize. I request you all,make a diffrence in your life by not waiting to pray tommoro but today..Take a minute and write a prayer here..for you, your family,your friends,neighbours,to unknown..ask for money,growth,promotion,mercedes..anything...but before u ask anything just remember..Is it all that will make u happy at the end? if so..dont bother just ask..atleast this will keep u intouch with god somehow. :)

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